Alliance Media acquires Imagination Outdoor in Mozambique

Alliance Media Mozambique concludes the purchase of Imagination Outdoor, previously owned by MOP Portugal (Portugal’s largest Out Of Home Company). Alliance Media, as an investor in African Out Of Home media is pleased to strengthen its portfolio in Mozambique, while MOP has decided to hone their focus on the Portuguese market.

The Imagination Outdoor portfolio brings to the existing Alliance Media holding multiple illuminated billboards across central Maputo. The location of these sites allows advertisers to target lower, middle or upper LSM’s across all the entry points and main landmark areas of Maputo’s CBD.

This acquisition makes Alliance Media the largest Out Of Home player in Mozambique. The additional outdoor sites (including wall sites and backlit billboards) complement Alliance Media’s existing Out Of Home range across the other nine Mozambican provinces. “We are proud to be able to offer truly national campaigns across all ten provinces and across all LSM groups in Mozambique. This is the kind of value we enjoy bringing to our clients, as their partners in building successful brands in Africa.” says Greg Benatar, Sales and Marketing Director, Alliance Media.

Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)

On 4 November 2016, Superbrands East Africa hosted a distinguished awards ceremony at the Villa Rosa Kempinski. The evening was dedicated to the celebration of exceptional brands in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)
Her Excellency, The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, graced the evening as the guest of honour. Top executives across ten industries were in attendance including Alliance Media’s Edgar Mabhiza. The evening saw mentalist Larry Soffer presenting the new edition of the Superbrands EA book, Volume IV.

“Superbrands is excited to pay tribute to the most valued brands in East Africa at this our tribute awards ceremony, each one, be it internationally known or homegrown, has connected their story to consumers through hard work and determination to provide quality. We are honoured to celebrate all the outstanding brands in the region,” said Jawad Jaffer, the Project Director and Associate Publisher Superbrands East Africa.

Alliance Media sees the recognition received by Superbrands East Africa for the past six years as a true accolade because it underpins the fact that Alliance Media fully understands the importance of creating a strong brand.

Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)
Alliance Media’s clients’ use outdoor and airport advertising to build their brands across the African continent and this Superbrands Award shows that Alliance Media is a partner who knows how to grow brands.

Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognising, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world. Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Alliance Media partners with Botswana at 50

On 4 October, Lesotho celebrated its 50th year of independence and Alliance Media, who has business investments in the country, is helping Lesotho celebrate.
Alliance Media has contributed to Lesotho’s trade and industry by creating employment, adding to the economy and providing Out Of Home (OOH) media to the country’s advertisers since 2003.

“Alliance Media is pleased to donate this advertising site to the country for the month, to publicise its 50-year anniversary of independence,” says Greg Benatar, Sales and Marketing Director, Alliance Media.

Alliance Media helps Lesotho celebrate 50 years of independence

Alliance Media Lesotho offers an extensive range of billboards and outdoor advertising sites strategically positioned on high traffic routes, across the country from the capital of Maseru, to the Northern most points of Butha-Buthe and the Southern points of Qacha’s Nek and Quthing, as well as in numerous smaller towns and rural areas.

Airport advertising at the Moshoeshoe 1 International Airport in Maseru is available through Alliance Media providing clients with targeted advertising of decision makers and travellers in and out of Lesotho.

Alliance Media is Africa’s leader in billboard and airport advertising. Advertising in Lesotho can be booked by contacting or on +27 11 880 4664.

Cargiver, Caregiving, Health Care, Home Health Care


In the olden days, the life expectancy of an average male was around 50 years; and of a female was around 55 years. However, these days people live much longer due to several reasons, such as better medical treatment and enhanced living conditions. Currently, men are expected to live up to 75 years and women are expected to live up to 80 years. And the number of people aged 65 years and above, is anticipated to increase every year.

These senior citizens prefer to remain independent and retain their dignity for the rest of their life. Yet, as they grow older there is a tendency to become dependent on other people; due to ill health, disability, weakness etc. Hence, as our population ages, caregiving becomes essential as well as important. It basically refers to looking after older adults and providing them regular assistance in the form of nursing and other supportive care.

During the earlier days, all the aged and sick persons received proper attention and care from their young children and other family members. However, nowadays most of the younger generation people have a busy work schedule and modern lifestyle. Also, some aged persons either live alone or stay far away from their families.


Hence, there was a need and demand for a dedicated person, usually known as a caregiver; either from within the family or outside, to look after elderly and ailing people. A caregiver offers required support to an aged, sick, injured or disabled person; that includes medical help and other associated care. These care recipients may either be living in their residence or in some health care institution.

Generally a family member, relative or friend; including an adult child or a spouse is referred as a primary or voluntary caregiver. They may have to give up their work in order to take care of ailing persons. Hence, professional care is now provided by a skilled person; to assist older adults in their daily activities and related health requirements. These home health care services enable elderly patients to lead an independent, better and healthier life.

Important Services Provided By Senior Citizens Homes

Old age comes with a myriad of challenges, most of which may not have been experienced in your youthful life. As one ages, their needs and requirements changes drastically, and this is the reason why they need specialized care for a happy and fulfilling life, one that will make them comfortable and survive for a longer period while remaining strong, healthy and accomplished. It is important that such proper care be mandatory for any cherishable stay of the elderly persons though other engagements may keep you away from being in constant contact with these persons. Senior citizen homes provide a number of services to the elderly persons, allowing them to stay comfortable and happy all the time.

Services provided

Housing is a basic need for the survival of every human being, but the kind and design of the house needed in advanced ages varies considerably from that at normal middle and active ages. It is important to note that old age comes with a challenge of failing strength and therefore, the kind of house provided for elder persons must keep up with this reality. Senior citizen homes provide housing designs that have been tested and found suitable to adjust to the needs of such persons, alongside their adaptability to suit relaxation and comfort at the advanced ages.

Meals are a necessity to keep life going and maintain good health and body strength. With an advance in age, the desire for different meals seems to wane, and the preferences may shift completely from what was previously cherished. Even so, provision of balanced diets that conform to the preferences of such persons is the key to keeping them nourished. These homes provide caregivers who are well versed with the nutritional requirements of older persons, allowing them to feed healthy and remain strong.

Since human beings are social creatures, friendship and relationships are an important part of living a healthy life. Company from friends, relatives and colleagues plays a vital role in people’s life, but it may diminish substantially as old age gets up with a person. Senior citizen homes provide this much-needed company, either by the caregivers who keep the aged persons engaged or their colleagues available at the homes. This is an important part of keeping loneliness far from such person, which if not combated will keep the elderly persons locked up in endless thoughts about themselves, which has the adverse effects of complicating their already frail immune systems.

While exercise remains an integral part of a healthy living, old age diminishes the possible activities that one can comfortably take part it meaning that they will stay inactive for most times. Senior citizens homes provide for alternative activities that such persons can undertake, brightening up their lives further and making senior living both simple and fulfilling.

Where to access these services

Several organizations and the government provide senior citizens with the basic utilities needed for their survival. These organizations give out professionalized services to such persons while the government is in charge of the much-needed funding and policy formulation. Most of the local authorities do maintain a directory for the organizations running senior citizens homes.

Make The Right Decision For In-home Care In Denver, Colorado!


In-Home Care

Living at home is possible and a lot easier when you know what questions to ask.

Those agencies who do care for Medicare patients, results can be reviewed through their last state survey results by visiting But not all agencies handle Medicare, they are private pay only.

Tips and Hints:

Be organized

Ask the Home Care Agency if they remain on-call 24 hours a day?

Does the agency require a long-term service contract?

Provide the aide with a checklist of duties for EACH DAY. Communication is ‘key’ to the relationship working.

The aide should not sleep (except live-in) or smoke in your home.

If there is a problem, immediately contact the agency who sent the aide.

The aides should provide their own lunch/dinner unless you offer.

Do not tip the aide.

Do not send your loved one out in a car with the aide, unless this is prearranged with agency.

Aides should only minimally use the phone for personal calls.

Make sure you know in advance how payment is expected.

Ask the Agency what services they can and cannot provide. Certain services will require the aide to be licensed.

There should be some consistency after about 1 to 2 weeks regarding the person who is sent to the home. Sometimes it takes a week or so to get the same person on schedule for your home. Be patient!

What is the hiring practice of the agency? Have background checks been performed on every caregiver prior to service? Are they bonded and insured? Do they carry professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance?

What unique process does the agency offer to insure caregiver’s compatibility with you or your family member?

If there are too many late shows/no shows or inconsistencies, CHANGE AGENCIES (speak to them about the problem first, perhaps they can correct the situation).

Always meet in person with an owner of the Agency first and have the option to interview the aides.

Hopefully the above suggestions will help you in making the right decision for your loved one!


Some Considerations When Choosing A Live In Caregiver

If you are responsible for the well being of an elderly parent or friend, there may come a day when you will have to consider hiring a live in caregiver. This is one decision that should not be entered into lightly; you will be determining what is best for your loved one over the course of their final years. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of things that you should consider when engaging the services of the person who will be seeing to your elderly parent’s or friend’s welfare. To begin the process of selection, you can either place a classified ad or enroll the services of a placement agency, or both. If placing an ad, you will want to specify as many details as possible regarding the nature of the care required. You may also wish to include things such as salary and specific skills required. One advantage of using a placement agency is that they will have a listing of pre-qualified candidates. Regardless of where your candidate comes from, the interview process is pivotal. Here is where you have the opportunity to get a sense of the person being considered. Ask for valid identification, for example a driver’s license. Also, be sure to get a feel for their experience and areas of expertise. Different people require different levels and types of care. One good way to ensure that you are hiring a competent and caring person is to ask for references. Unfortunately, these can be falsified or manipulated. Since sound elderly care is so important you will need to do some further investigating. Ask candidates to provide past residences and phone numbers as well as verifiable employment history. These will help ensure you hire a trustworthy in-home care provider. Expanding on the above, you will also need to conduct a background check before offering the job. It will be worth the money you spend with a background screening company to know your loved one is being cared for by someone with a clean record. After you have completed the interview process (and hopefully you have interviewed more than one) the next step is to make an offer. This should be in the form of a written document. It should outline salary, benefits, and the rules of the house. You need to be as specific as possible. Will the caregiver have free and unlimited internet access? Will there be a food allowance? Are some areas of the house out of bounds? You get the idea. Since you will be directly paying an employee, it is important to remember that you are now a legal employer. Contact the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an employer identification number. Do not forget to check if your state has taxation requirements for new employers. Seeing to these matters early will save you untold grief down the road. Hiring a caregiver to provide senior home care can be an affordable alternative to sending your loved one to a place that is new and strange to them. It allows them to stay in place in which they are familiar and comfortable. Your job is to find the right person.

Assisted Living Facilities In Redwood City

At Homecare companies the focus on excellence ensures their dedication to exceeding the expectations of the clients. The primary objective of the companies providing senior care services at Redwood City or assisted living facilities in San Mateo is to support the individual and their families achieve their goals by providing best care with a personal touch. Their experienced caregivers and staff are committed to providing the quality care required to meet those goals. Being aware that there are expert physicians and nurses taking care of their loved ones is the reason for attracting new clients.

The assisted living facilities in San Mateo are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a senior citizen. Sometimes the homecare includes a free personal consultation with a care coordinator where their main aim is to work with you or your loved one to determine how to best meet your needs. One name that stands out is Always Best Care and they are known for their approach, which is unique and with every client their objective is to understand the requirements and provide them with a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The passionate team of caregivers, who are committed towards helping the elderly maintain safe, independent and dignified lifestyles. As a result they have been successful in building the strong foundation of Always Best Care. Every member of the Always Best Care family holds trust, honor and respect in the highest regard and these qualities are infused throughout every aspect of their services. At the homecare institutions, people are compassionate in providing delight to senior citizens and in everything they do, outstanding service and utmost care is a benchmark. The right mix of knowledge, dedication for service and care is a differentiating factor for ensuring success with every client.

It is commonly said at Always Best Care” We are proud to say that our senior care services at Redwood City are capable of making a lasting impression on your mind. Our experienced caregivers and staff are committed to providing the quality care required to meet those goals. People with passion have made Always Best Care what it is today and although times may change, our foundation never will.”

For companies who really care, they receive great satisfaction in being included in their clients’ lives. Caring is the essence of their job. The assisted living facilities in San Mateo has trained staff to give appropriate care while giving the feel of comfort at home and expertly matches each client with the right care provider. For seniors that are no longer able to live at their current residence, they offer free tours of independent and assisted living facilities with vacancies. These services make them uniquely qualified to provide their clients with the highest level of service at reasonable cost.